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Say goodbye to boring flat letters. Instead, create 3D designs that stand out.
For All Skill Levels

This course is approachable for beginners
and has insights for the more experienced.

Create 4 Amazing Artworks

Put your skills into practice with
four hands-on class projects.

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With on-demand videos you can work
the class around your schedule.


Master Perspective Drawing

This course has everything you need to master three-dimensional lettering.
Learn step-by-step:
✅ Simplified 3D
✅ Isometric 3D
✅ One, Two & Three-Point Perspective
✅ Light, Shadows & Shading
✅ 3D Effects (Float, Slice, Bend & Twist)

Additionally, fun and impressive implementation projects will help you apply what you've learned and showcase your newly learned skills in an exceptional way.

By the end of this course you'll have a rock-solid foundation in all five perspective drawing techniques – from the most commonly used to the insanely realistic – and be able to apply this to your own composition.


Apply What You Learn
& Create 4 Stunning Artworks

With 4 full-process demonstration videos, you'll be able to apply everything you learn in a specially designed lettering project for each method.
You'll have fun creating these new lettering pieces to show off on your instagram feed.

Like our student Karla who designed this amazing artwork in the Isometric 3D module.

Or these 3 student projects for each of the other modules:

"Stefan made it so easy and accessible to understand the techniques behind 3D lettering. Extremely encouraging, motivational and full of hints and tips."

Sara Longhurst, Freelance graphic designer & artist


Everything divided into easy steps

Adding 3D can feel intimidating to most. That's why I've designed this class into easy steps to build up your confidence as you progress. From drawing a simple cube to odd shapes, all the way to letters and shadows, all without breaking a sweat.


Use your favorite drawing tools

3D lettering is a very accessible skill to pick up. You can use your favorite drawing utensils. That said, here’s a list of recommended materials:

🔘 Paper.
🔘 Pencil
🔘 Coloring Pencils
🔘 Eraser
🔘 Triangle ruler/Ruler

Alternatively, students can use an iPad+Procreate or similar digital solutions.


What our students have achieved speaks for itself

"Learning different forms of 3D lettering changed the way I see the world around me. It has upped my lettering game and given me more creativity in my work. I loved this course and highly recommend it!"

Faith Bianchi, lettering artist

"I learned so much from the 3D Masterclass and I could really see an improvement in my lettering. Stefan clearly explained everything and if you have difficulties, you can ask him at any time."

Jennifer Helm, Digital Creator

I have worked through several of Stefan's courses and I'm always on the look out for his new releases. He breaks down each element into manageable sections. Feedback on your submitted coursework provides positive encouragement. If you are thinking of joining the course, don't hesitate, you won't regret it."

Debi Lofthouse, Artist

Learn with Stefan Kunz

Self-taught letter designer, teacher, and coffee enthusiast, Stefan Kunz, has poured his wealth of professional experience into this masterclass. The goal from day zero has been to pack in as much value for money as possible (our student testimonials below should speak to this). 

Stefan’s professional work has involved collaborations with Porsche, Coca-Cola, Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, Nespresso and many more. 

With 500,000+ social media followers and a growing community of 5000+ online students, Stefan is so excited to introduce this 3D lettering masterclass.

Build A Rock-Solid 3D Drawing Foundation Today

The best investment in your creativity!

☑️ On-demand classes with lifetime access
☑️ 11+ hours of teaching videos
☑️ Develop a rock-solid foundation in 3D lettering
☑️ Actionable exercises with tangible results
☑️ Real-world techniques used in professional settings
☑️ Homework feedback to improve your technique
☑️ Student critique sessions
☑️ 4 Stunning Projects with full-process videos

When You Add it All Up, The Total Value Exceeds $794

But since I really want to see your creativity go through the roof, I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll TODAY for just…

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What Do You Get?

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You have lifetime access! And you can watch everything whenever, wherever, right away. Press play/pause, start over, double speed or at 50%, you are in control.

Can you draw a square on paper? If your answer is yes, even if the lines are wiggely, you have what it takes to do this course.

We’ve divided the courses into two parts for those who’ve already taken my 3D Bootcamp or who already have the perspective drawing fundamentals down. The second part covers advanced techniques which require the basics.

YES! This is for all creatives looking to learn new skills, boost their creativity and create stunning pieces.

Whether you’re new to lettering or more into illustration, the methods you learn in the 3D masterclass will help you take your designs to the next level.

And if you want to improve your lettering, I’ve got the Ultimate Lettering Course which focuses on building letters and composition.

If your time isn’t precious to you, I’m sure you’ll could find some videos. However most videos I’ve found are on technical drawing (mostly for architecture).

That’s why I’ve translated everything to lettering, structured it, divided into small steps and put it all into one place: This masterclass. So that you only need to focus on practicing and not get lost in the jungle :)

Of course! You can use your favorite drawing tools, iPad and Procreate included. This course is actually amazing in combination with my Ultimate Procreate Course..

You can watch all videos from both courses in about 12 hours & the exercises will add another 5 hours.

That being said, I recommend doing one module per week. That usually fits well with everyone schedule.

After part 1, take a 2-4 week break before starting part 2: advanced.

But in the end it's your course and you can do it all at your own pace.

That makes two of us, YAY! Mine is german. While everything I explain is very visual, I recommend to watch one of my Youtube videos to see how well you can follow along. This class however doesn't come with any subtitles or translations (yet! Check back in later)..

Let’s make a little deal ok?

*head nod*

If you are committed to giving this a try and you can show me that you’ve gone through the steps, did the exercises, and still don’t feel that you have a solid 3D foundation, then I insist that you reach out within 30 days to get 100% of your investment back. Just email me:

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